(Copied and pasted from my flickr): In the past few months the counselors at school have been pushing us to look at colleges and form a list through certain sites. I'm only in 11th grade but I have a pretty big list with colleges all over the country and my mind changes every week of where I'd want to go.
Recently I decided that I definitely want to study either art, photography, or film, which means I need to begin a portfolio for art schools. My Nikon d40x is basically broken (I've had it for almost 4 years) and I'm saving up for a Canon 5d Mark ii or something similar. So I'll use my camera to the best of my ability until I replace it. Also I'll be painting a lot more in my classes and posting them on here AND hopefully beginning to make films. This past year I've been disconnected with my flickr, not giving any effort to my photos, and not really trying to increase my talent or explore anything new. I also really want to get better in digital photography and stop relying solely on film, despite how much I love it. So in these next 20 or so months until I graduate I'll be incredibly active when it comes to photos and art and the like. I'll be uploading photos consistently, planning shoots, exploring new ways of editing, posting my paintings and sketches, posting a montage video I've been working on (with footage from the last 6 months that I've captured on the 8mm iphone app), and hopefully once I save up and get a new camera I'll be making more and more films. I may even start a 52 week project when the new year rolls around. Who knows. But I thought I should at least check in and share some of my personal life for the first time in a while, and let all of you who actually follow my work know that I'm truly going to put an effort into my photography starting now.


  1. I'm so excited for your endeavors, and i'm actually going through the same thing.

  2. If you're interested in art I suggest you apply to Ryman Arts, it's a program for Southern California high school students where you get to work with professional artists on a portfolio for colleges to look at, you also get alot of internship opportunities

  3. Being 16 and in 11th grade as well, i'm starting to look for universities and what to study as well,
    but while I and up having no idea what the future holds, i'm really happy to see that you are heading for a future in arts or photography.